Vin Chaud a la Canel

Vin Chaud a la Canel is what you drink when in Paris, translation: warm wine with cinnamon. In America we call this libation Mulled Wine. What a perfect cold weather warm up and you make it ahead to serve whenever the mood strikes.

1-28 oz. apple cider
1 orange, peel zesty skin with a vegetable peeler
3 cinnamon sticks
12 whole cloves
2Tbl. sugar

Rich red wine (Cabernet, Petit Syrah, Zinfandel)

Pour apple cider into a sauce pan that does not have a non-stick lining. Add all spices and orange zest. Heat on medium until liquid just begins to boil and remove from heat.  When liquid is completely cooled pour all contents including spices and zest back into apple cider container and seal. Allow to steep for at least 24 hours, 48 hours is better.

When ready to drink heat 1part wine to 2 parts spiced apple cider and take that chill off.
The spiced cider is also brilliant to drink warm by itself.