Patches In Blue


I think it is safe to safe I own a fairly large denim jean collection, roughly 2 dozen or so. Many of them are recent purchases that have a unique embellishment so I can slip on a blazer and a pair of heels and feel "dressed".  I needed to update my ordinary blue jeans to join the rest of the stable of peals, sequin and rhinestones.

A hot iron and a little imagination is all you need. My examples above are embroidered patches purchased from online shopping for under $8 each.  These patches are specified iron-on instead of sew-on.  Think of a theme and start shopping.

USB Music File Sort


What the online Forums can't tell you-

Although this post is not related to any subject matter usual to this blog, (Fashion - Food - Travel) I felt strongly enough to share the process of creating personalized music file sorting on a USB 3.0 flash drive.  Playback unfortunately will always default to the order originally recorded. None of the Forums that I could read had the answer, but I did it.

I recorded mp3 files from two music cd's; Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong onto one usb 3.0 32GB flash drive. I wanted to sort the playlist to alternate songs between the two artists.  After combining the two disk folders into one,  I simply renamed each song file in alternating Artist song order assigning ascending numerical designation; e.g. 1., 2., 3. etc., but this did not create a personalized playback.  The player would continue to only recognize the order in which the files were originally transferred first playing all of Sinatra playlist then the Armstrong playlist.

The solution I created was to make a new folder within the file segment that housed all 40 songs, giving the new folder a different name from the original 40-song library, and one by one I cut/paste from the original list of 40 songs to the new folder. Thus eventually deleting the first library and creating a new library that recognized the order I manually created. No clunky third-party software download required.
Problem solved.

Look Like A World Traveler


The word on the dusty trail is you need to wear cargo chic this year. Cargo is all the rage and it is not only represented via jeans. Cargo is also created in jackets and skirts. Big industrial pockets and extra seaming for a casual, yet at the same time mysteriously tailored look.  I like the photo example in this blog post from Anthropologie shows their model is wearing a sequin top with her durable cargo pants.

You can wear cargo skinnies, wide leg and even a luxurious shiny satin finish.  Check out the link below for your next cargo bookmark and eventual purchase.

How To Make A Money Lei


My TALL Blonde You Tube video is so popular on how to make a Money Lei it probably deserves a re-post.  A Money Lei is a fun and unique gift that are popular among high school and college graduations.  But there is a growing interest in making one for a Quinceanera or make two of these beauties to present the Bride and Groom.

By clicking on the link below from my TALL Blonde Stories archive you will find written instructions along with step-by-step photos on how to make a Money Lei yourself, it's easy.

This is not only a unique and fun gift but my Money Lei is made from 50-one dollar bills which is also your gift and more fun than a $50 check inside a greeting card.

Veil Fettish


Hottest thing in women's hat fashion  since the Cowgirl Hat. A Christian Dior veiled hat is over $400, even a veiled Eugenia Kim is over $200.  For about 5-bucks and 10 minutes of your time your knit cap can also look like a million bucks,,,well at least $200.

Here is Luisa's quick DIY from her Why Don't You Make Me blog with easy instructions to add a veil to your favorite knit cap. Before you get started, it might look best if you begin with a new cap.

Luisa's quick DIY from  Why Don't You Make Me


Classic Denim


Denim is an American staple in fashion. What started out as worker's industrial wear reinforced with copper rivets and made popular during the California Gold Rush of the mid 19th century, brands like San Francisco founded Levi's has been producing denim for all age groups and numerous generations. But did you know denim is originally French fashion? The fabric known today as denim was originally made in a small French town called Nimes <pronounced neem>.  If one were to say this hard wearing fabric is from Nimes you would say "de Nimes".  Say this 5 times fast and you can well understand the rebranded name.

Well over 150 years old and in no signs of dropping out,

Gloves - Not For Gardening


Fall/Winter 2022
These gloves are like a great pair of shoes.
Wear them to accentuate your fashion identity, not cold weather or gardening.
Opera length, wristlets or fingerless driving gloves in oodles of different fabrics.
Check 'em out!



UBER, and I do not mean the car service.
Uber-wide pants are in for this Fall. So pack up your skinnies and get uber wide now.
Many of these wide trousers are in plaid patterns which really gives them a classic-chic look.
These are not your mother's pants from the 1970s.



$1.99    $2.99    $4.99   $9.99,   even 99-cents !!
If their shoes last only one season you are still way ahead of the game.  This also means you can purchase multiple pairs for your different summer looks.

You won't know what you are missing until you take a quick look.

Help Is Here


Warm weather is finally here and what comes with it is fashion that sometimes requires specialized undies. Many a time I used to pass on a summer garment because it required a strapless bra.  I visibly cringe with the thought of the destruction and damage to sensitive skin at the end of the day from the digging underwire, not to mention the constant maintenance of "slippage". 

Help is here-

My private secret that I have held close to the heart (literally) is now published.   I use washable stick glue to keep everything in place. Here is how:

1. Put on your strapless bra where it is comfortable and the placement is correct
2. Gently pull back on the side strap under your arm, so as to not disturb bra placement
3. Swipe glue stick in a north / south motion once or twice on your skin the length of the strap
4. Place side strap back and press
5. Done! This holds for me the rest of the day. Note: clean skin will ensure success

You're welcome !

The Summer Shade


I like to celebrate the beginning of summer with a fresh pair of the latest shades. Surprisingly Aldo Shoes seems to have a unique perspective on design and that fulfills my need to find something a little bit eccentric or controversial.

Let The Light Out


Orchids grown indoors require a special pot. The roots below ground require air to circulate through the bits of bark entwined in its root system.  These pots with its air holes also make great luminaries for parties or just a little mood lighting when it is just you.  Scour your local hardware store for interesting shapes, colors and designs.

ProTip; I only use candles that are sold in a glass container, saves on messy melted wax clean up.

Cowboy Boots - Out of Necessity


Burns Cowboy Shop, Carmel, California

Cowboy boots are such a permanent part of the fabric of Americana it is difficult to imagine there was a time they did not exist.  The truth is necessity is the mother of invention and cowboy boots are the poster child of this honest proverb.

The link below is a brief history of the making of the first cowboy boot, and I am a distant participant.  How many pairs do you own?

Faux Fashion Shines


Faux leather pants are becoming the new norm for you closet, soon it may take over sloppy sweats and too stiff jeans. They are available for all body types and design shapes. You may even invest in 3 pairs: Leggings, Wide Leg and Boot Cut.
If you are really adventurous, try the liquid wet look patent shiny leggings from Spanx

Puff Puff Party


The hottest winter fashion piece this season is the puffer jacket and/or coat. While these have been around for decades, now they are available in velvet, iridescence and super shine patent. The link below are some examples from 'Forever21' store. Excellent as a holiday gift to your BFF!

Make Up Removal


I have tried those other products. Some of those fancy brand towelettes would rip the surface of my skin off and leave my eyelids raw.  I have converted to CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Not only does it effectively remove eye make up, it is good for my skin.  It is also great for moisturizing neck skin for a more youthful appearance. I suffer no alcohol sting when it comes in contact with my eye surface, also cruelty free.

Jelly Beans

Spring / Summer 2021 features jelly beans, and not the sugary tooth rotting kind.
Find those bright pinks, greens, blues and oranges in your wardrobe or start hunting the sale rack for bright summer neon colors. You will be the stylish one among your friends.

2 Pieces for 2021


Fashion by Balmain

The hottest item for 2021 summer fashion is the two-piece, and I am not talking bikinis.
A fully coordinated cropped top and matching skirt, sometimes referred to as a 'Two-piece Dress' which I find laughable....dress (ha).

In some cases the two piece look is also presented in a similar cropped (seen above) and a front pleated fully tailored wide leg trouser with maybe a matching blazer, seen earlier this Spring.

Check out a number of websites (Zara, Net-A-Porter, etc.) to get some ideas and then dive into the pool, the water is fine.

REMINDER: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 9.


Back in March of 2012 I wrote in a former fashion blog that the SS 2012 was all about "mixing".  Mixing is the concept of pairing divergent patterns of a similar scale within a complimentary color palate.  Nine years later, mixing is back in a big way.

Gucci and Zara are the most prominent fashion design houses that emphasize this trend so well.  This may be a great opportunity to take in your entire closet with fresh eyes and find some great pairings that you already own.

Follow the links below for SS 2021:


Baby Got Back


Spring / Summer 2021 is all about the open back dress or top. The strappier, the better.
Below is a link from Forever 21 to give you some fashion ideas through their collection of backless women's clothing, also at an affordable price.  Available options from various retailers include knitwear and metallic fabrics for date night too. Go wild!

Valentine Date Class


Retailer Sur La Table offers their well known cooking classes online, only $29 per household.  How about a great Valentine gift for your BFF or Special Someone?

Matte Love

Rich saturated color, easy to apply, long lasting, kiss-proof and face mask resistant. About $6.30 each in 28 colors.  TALL Blonde found hers at the local CVS Pharmacy.


Comedy Tonight


There is a new Podcast out there like no other. I'm not just saying that to sound good, it really is one of a kind and fresh.  You take a great SciFi classic like H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" and then you get notable Comedians to taunt and tease the story.  Remember the class clown at the back of the classroom that always cracked you up? Yeah, that guy/gal. Webby Award Winner Blaze Mancillas assembled a great cast of Comedians. Listen to Judah Friedlander, Josh Gondelman, Irene Tu, Veronica Garza, Lane Moore, Kenice Mobley, Shalewa Sharpe, Calvin Cato, Anna Roisman, Usama Siddiquee just to start with these comedy headliners.

Check Out The Video Preview

SiriusXM Radio Interview with Blaze Mancillas

Subscribe and Listen Now !

R U Ready?


Just a quick reminder for all y'all, Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is Friday, December 18, 2020.
Shop now, laugh your head off later.  See ya!

Gentlemen, Start Your Style Engine


Jacob Gallagher wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal in October on how men are becoming more bold in their fashion statement and having fun with nail art.  Time to drop the necktie and pick up a tiny paint brush.  Matte finishes are perfect for you and come in an array of soft tones.  Add a stencil in a shiny polish for an eye catcher.  TALL Blonde is here to help with Press-Paint-Peel Nail Stencils on Poshmark.  It will save you time away from a salon and save that hard to earn cash.  Gents, see my curated selection of stencils to match your mood and personality. Custom orders available.

Bookmark this blog and check out the TABS at the top of the page, it's not just for women:  'Men's Health' and 'Sex & Love' & 'Furniture' & 'Travel' & 'Consignment'.

What Is That?

When you shop consignment store, you never know what you will find.  Found this Kate Spade from her classic wicker collection crocodile theme handbag with lovely turquoise leather handles. 5-inchs high and 19-inches long this is the ultimate conversation piece at brunch. This item was found on The REALReal. Create a fun list of your own "Obsessions".