Freshman 15

Photo: Johns Hopkins Medicine

It has been difficult, binge eating, access to quality food, no desire to cook, food delivered.

I have been hearing the phrase "Covid 15" and this is just a re-write of the "Freshman 15" or in the 1970's it was called the "Secretary Spread" of the hips.

Most of us know what is right and what is wrong dietarily speaking.  Below are 7 steps as helpful reminders to get back on track.  If all 7 items are put into play, you potentially could lose 10 pounds in one week, lest you cheat.  Then the process will take longer and likely you are going to give up.   Post reminders on whatever calendar system you use to remind you to stay on track.  Personal commitments are always easier when teamed up with friends for support and progress.  Make it fun and each agree to putting $20 in a bucket towards the winner of this 7-day challenge.  The weather is warming up and those shorts are waiting for you to visit them again.

1. Eat zero or almost zero carbs (bread, pasta, rice, sugar, alcohol) more lean proteins.
2. Eat whole foods and avoid processed junk food and fats. No bacon, yo.
3. Reduce your overall daily calorie intake.
4. Lift weights and try high intensity interval training.
5. Be active, run up stairs, run up/down your hallway (don't wake the downstairs neighbor).
6. Intermittent fasting is another simple way to reduce weight quickly (no eating after 6pm).
7. Reduce water retention, drink coffee. reduce gluten, reduce lactose.