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There is a new Podcast out there like no other. I'm not just saying that to sound good, it really is one of a kind and fresh.  You take a great SciFi classic like H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" and then you get notable Comedians to taunt and tease the story.  Remember the class clown at the back of the classroom that always cracked you up? Yeah, that guy/gal. Webby Award Winner Blaze Mancillas assembled a great cast of Comedians. Listen to Judah Friedlander, Josh Gondelman, Irene Tu, Veronica Garza, Lane Moore, Kenice Mobley, Shalewa Sharpe, Calvin Cato, Anna Roisman, Usama Siddiquee just to start with these comedy headliners.

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SiriusXM Radio Interview with Blaze Mancillas

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