Classic Denim


Denim is an American staple in fashion. What started out as worker's industrial wear reinforced with copper rivets and made popular during the California Gold Rush of the mid 19th century, brands like San Francisco founded Levi's has been producing denim for all age groups and numerous generations. But did you know denim is originally French fashion? The fabric known today as denim was originally made in a small French town called Nimes <pronounced neem>.  If one were to say this hard wearing fabric is from Nimes you would say "de Nimes".  Say this 5 times fast and you can well understand the rebranded name.

Well over 150 years old and in no signs of dropping out, this holiday season is filled with warm lined denim jackets in varying sizes, shapes and lengths.  Venus has a wonderful design pictured above that offers a long lean line with an Anorak waistline drawstring and oversized collar ranging in sizes 2 - 24.  Consider buying two....the gifting season is quickly approaching!