USB Music File Sort


What the online Forums can't tell you-

Although this post is not related to any subject matter usual to this blog, (Fashion - Food - Travel) I felt strongly enough to share the process of creating personalized music file sorting on a USB 3.0 flash drive.  Playback unfortunately will always default to the order originally recorded. None of the Forums that I could read had the answer, but I did it.

I recorded mp3 files from two music cd's; Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong onto one usb 3.0 32GB flash drive. I wanted to sort the playlist to alternate songs between the two artists.  After combining the two disk folders into one,  I simply renamed each song file in alternating Artist song order assigning ascending numerical designation; e.g. 1., 2., 3. etc., but this did not create a personalized playback.  The player would continue to only recognize the order in which the files were originally transferred first playing all of Sinatra playlist then the Armstrong playlist.

The solution I created was to make a new folder within the file segment that housed all 40 songs, giving the new folder a different name from the original 40-song library, and one by one I cut/paste from the original list of 40 songs to the new folder. Thus eventually deleting the first library and creating a new library that recognized the order I manually created. No clunky third-party software download required.
Problem solved.