Vintage Luxury

Have you ever purchased pre-owned? Would you ever purchase pre-owned? Visit only reputable vendors (links below) and don't impulse buy.  Take your time, review the condition reports, ask many questions, carefully view all the photos taken of the item then decide if it is a good value based on discounted price and current condition.  TALL Blonde has made four vintage online fashion purchases of haute designer pieces in the past 10 years and never been disappointed.  Always stayed within the top tier in condition, just below NWT/NWOT (
Louis Vuitton-Murakami Monogram Multicolore
New With Tag/New Without Tag) and saved a bundle and no one could tell from the exterior that there was a prior owner. I had one altercation that momentarily took my breath away when I was passing through TSA security check at the airport and one of the agents decided to swab the interior of my pre-owned bag.I prayed really hard that there would be nothing detected.


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