Scrounge Garage Sales

Recently TALL Blonde was inspired by a Chanel magazine photo that presented a denim jacket with a string of pearls and a big white camelia brooch at the top button, as if to be worn as a blouse and not outerwear.

I gathered up every pin I could find in my collection, laid my Target jacket on the floor and began placing pins for the best layout. Pins are easy to find; craft shops, garage sales, antique fairs, thrift shops and of course online in places like Etsy and Ruby Lane. Yoiu can collect pins one by one or in your search look for "lots" and buy several at a time and give your project a running jump.

You may want to think about curating your brooch collection within a theme, such as flowers, hearts, animals, singular color, rhinestone, enamel, white or yellow metal, etc.

TALL Blonde plans to add to this collection an cover the front of the jacket as a show piece.