That's Impossible

Impossible Burger at Neiman Marcus, The Rotunda Restaurant, SF

Dream the impossible meat, a plant based burger that actually tastes good. Soon you will find the "Impossible Burger"at a Burger King near you. It is already being served at over 1,000 Carl's Jr. locations. Here is #TLLBLND's review:

It has the appearance of ground beef, it crumbles in your mouth like ground beef and has about 80% the flavor of ground beef.  It is not funky tasting or have a mealy texture like veggie burgers of the past. This however has a mild beef flavor.

This is absolutely a great alternative for Vegetarians and Vegans when they get that occasional craving for that All American meal favorite, or if you are looking to reduce your cholesterol intake.  The base is made from wheat and potatoes so this is not gluten-free.  Also for those persons requiring low iron intake diets due to hemochromatosis.