Old Shoes, New Anklets

Here is a TALLBlonde DIY to update your favorite summer shoe and give it a new look with anklets you made yourself in minutes. At any craft store put together a collection of beads complimentary to the color of your shoe and select an equally complimentary colored string for this project. Be sure the bead hole will accommodate the width of the string when doubled.

(2) 60-inch strings
      TALLBlonde used nylon, you can also use leather

Enough beads to measure the length of 7 to 8 inches
      (this will be enough for two anklets)

Fold the length of one string in half and make a knot approx. 2-inches up. This will be your toe loop and keep the beads from sliding around.  Begin to string half your beads with BOTH string ends at the opposite end of the toe loop.  Make another simple knot after the last bead to keep them in place, and your done!  If you selected a string that may unravel at the cut ends you may have to tie a knot to stop the unraveling.

To wear, slide the toe loop over the middle or second toe, whatever will center correctly over the top of your foot, lead string ends up to your ankle and wrap around ankle several times and tie a nice bow. There you have it-a new summer look that is easy, dressy one of a kind fabulous!