Here I go again. TALLBlonde has another footwear related post. I never knew I allegedly have a foot fetish, but here goes.  TALLBlonde has had great fun and success with wearing embellished socks with high heel pumps.  Fun, because shopping for interesting socks can be a scavenger hunt.  Success, because I get great comments and thumbs up from random folks on the street that "get" what I am doing. Ankle socks with no cuff is really the silhouette that is most desirable to compliment the pump. Also if you can locate a design with one forward facing object is ideal; such as the teal colored example above, a cat playing the accordion. The teal in the sock almost identically matches the color of the shoe that many observers believe I am wearing an interesting ankle boot.

There is another unintended consequence that may ultimately drive you to trying this.  Do you have a favorite pair of pumps you refuse to toss out but hate wearing them because they rub your foot raw, or worse create a blister? Blister no more!!