Help Is Here


Warm weather is finally here and what comes with it is fashion that sometimes requires specialized undies. Many a time I used to pass on a summer garment because it required a strapless bra.  I visibly cringe with the thought of the destruction and damage to sensitive skin at the end of the day from the digging underwire, not to mention the constant maintenance of "slippage". 

Help is here-

My private secret that I have held close to the heart (literally) is now published.   I use washable stick glue to keep everything in place. Here is how:

1. Put on your strapless bra where it is comfortable and the placement is correct
2. Gently pull back on the side strap under your arm, so as to not disturb bra placement
3. Swipe glue stick in a north / south motion once or twice on your skin the length of the strap
4. Place side strap back and press
5. Done! This holds for me the rest of the day. Note: clean skin will ensure success

You're welcome !